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The Secessionist

"The voice of Company B, 34th Georgia"

Volume I February 6, 2003 Issue I

Editorís Corner

Hello all. I would like to introduce myself, your new newsletter editor. My name is Jason Lee Edwards and I can be reached at or 770-445-3900. I look forward to being the editor this year and I hope to use this outlet to inform our members of both the happenings of our company and the history of the 34th Georgia. If you have any questions or comments please donít hesitate to call me.

New Website

Company B, 34th Georgia is now online. The address for our new website is: I plan to use the website as a virtual newsletter. If you have anything to add to it, especially pictures, let me know.

The Historical 34th

In order to understand the future articles about the history of the 34th, you have to know a little bit about how they were organized. After November 30, 1863, the 34th Georgia was in General Alfred Cummingís Brigade, General Carter Stevensonís Division, General W. J. Hardeeís Corps, Army of Tennessee. They were in Stevensonís Division along with Pettusí, Brownís, and Reynoldís Brigades. The other regiments in Cummingís Brigade were the 36th Georgia, the 39th Georgia, and the 56th Georgia.

On December 14, 1863, the 34th Georgia had 316 effective troops, with 266 arms and 80 rounds of ammunition per man. On January 19, 1865, their effective total had been reduced to 171 men. The Atlanta Campaign, and subsequent Tennessee Campaign, had taken itís toll on the men of the regiment. The 34th Georgia was led by Colonel James A. W. Johnson until he was wounded at Missionary Ridge in November 1863. He was eventually replaced by Major John M. Jackson.

Company B was led, originally, by Captain J. P. Daniel. He resigned in February of 1864 and was replaced by Amos W. Keith who served as captain until the Battle of Nashville where he was captured.

Up Coming Events

(f denotes a Battalion event)

żFebruary 21-23 ~ Aiken, South Carolina. (Confederate)

żMarch 21-23 ~ Bridgeport, Alabama. (Federal) f

ż April 5-6 ~ Fort Gaines, Alabama.

żApril 26-27 ~ Selma, Alabama. (Federal)

żMay 16-18 ~ Resaca, Georgia. (Confederate) f

żMay 31-June 1 ~ Smith Plantation, Roswell, Georgia.

żJune 14-15 ~ 45th Alabama. Living History, Kennesaw, Georgia.

żJuly 4-6 ~ Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (Confederate) f

Captainís Column

Men of the 34th Ga. ~ I will be bringing deer meat and rice to Aiken. I would like others to bring carrots, potatoes, beans, onions, and the like. I think this can make our time in camp a bit better and allow for some better grub choices than the modern sutlers. I also would like us to camp together more, it will make it easier to find folks. I hope to see many of you at Aiken. I have registered 22 men. Respectfully, Capt. Richard Russell


~ A good time was had by everyone who attended the Winter Furlough Ball in January.

~ Sgt. J. Richards is engaged to be married.

~ Pvt. J. Brookshire has decided to join the Marines.

~ Pvt. S. Hunton cheats at cards and wears too many hats.

~ Pvt. J. J. Beavers is still playing with his cap box.